Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator

Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator 9.8

It is a very useful U disk and Flash drive encryption tool
9.8.4 (See all)

Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator is a program designed to encrypt and protect U-Disks and Flash drives.
The program has a very straightforward interface, which automatically detects the drives available for encryption. You can, then, select how much of the drive you wish to encrypt, and the U Disk Encrypt Creator will swiftly proceed to protect the chosen data. Afterward, you may even choose a password with which to seal the encrypted archive. You can later access the content you protect with this software on any other computer that runs Windows, without needing to install the program anew.

An advantage of the program is that it does not set a limit for the size of data it can encrypt. Another appreciable aspect is how quickly the software runs its encryption process, as well as the fact that you can afterward read it as quickly as though it were not encrypted.

In conclusion, Odin U Disk Encrypt Creator fulfills its intended function, operating through a very simple and accessible interface.

Josephine Seaman
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  • No limit for the size of encrypted data
  • Quick process of encryption


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